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12 September
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Er.... beyond that, it's difficult to know what to say really.

I'm very actually 40, so I'm told. But I don't look it, oooh no. I don't look much older than about 39 1/2, so I'm proud of that.

I'm married to 'The Very Lovely Mrs. McDingo', who is indeed very lovely, but who prefers a bit of anonymity when it comes to me talking about her on the internet. Her real name is known only to a hermit who lives on a mountain somewhere in Wales, but I can't give you any more details than that without compromising myself.

I have 3 children. Ned, 8, who is obsessed with Lego, Harry Potter and Batman. And Lego Batman. Tom, 6, who loves looking at maps, wants to go to Sri Lanka and the Isle of Coll (don't ask), and is the best giver of cuddles in the Western world, and Nell, 3.

For a long while Nell was the common theme in this journal, as she was very ill before / when she was born, and had to go through a series of life-saving operations, but is now a normal, troublesome and gorgeous toddler, who is as healthy as we'd hope, despite now only having one lung.

These are they at Southerndown beach, or 'Bad Wolf Bay' as it's known to Doctor Who fans.

Over the years I have been (in chronological order) a Betting Shop manager in Blackpool and St. Albans (though not at the same time - the commuting would have killed me), a Drama Tutor, a trainee journalist, a housing officer, a project manager and a public sector partnership manager. I know, exciting or what?! For the last two years I've been a full time house-husband, obsessing about the laundry and failing to get any better at cooking. Thankfully the boys have learnt to better conceal their disgust at what I serve to them night after night. I'm now working as an ESCO. It's probably best that you don't ask.

I was persuaded to become the chair of the local Infant School's PTA last year, a position I take very seriously, and use to practise my extreme form of delegation.

In my spare time (hah!), I try and maintain Forgotten Albums, a music review site of albums that I find in charity shops. It started as an attempt to get me to write more, but I found that I really, really enjoyed the subject.

That's right, I am a very sad individual. How did you guess?!

Errr.......... that's all I can think of for now. Any questions?